Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bunnies that won't eat your garden!

Happy 4th of July to all my knitting friends. I hope you were all able to enjoy some outdoor festivities without "melting" in this excessive heat.

I wanted to share my latest project and it is probably one of the cutest things I've ever made. What's even better is that I already had the necessary yarn in my stash...How often does that happen?

A while back I bought a book from Amazon called Knits to Give by Debbie Bliss. It's filled with delightful patterns but I must confess that the biggest reason I bought the book was to obtain the pattern for the Bunny Baby Booties. All I had to do was wait for someone that I knew to have a baby.

The booties were worked on straight size 3 needles using Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino. Two colors are needed so I used 1 skein of light blue (color #340045) and 1 skein of off white (color #340101). You'll need about a yard of brown yarn, preferably in a slightly heavier weight for embroidering the eyes, nose and mouth. I had some leftover Frogtree sport weight alpaca and it worked great.

For the most part the pattern was very simple and straight forward however, there is a section that proved to be a bit tedious.

The section I'm referring to occurs near the end of the pattern just before the sole shaping. I've included a picture to help illustrate what I'm talking about but basically what you're doing is picking up the purl bumps 7 rows above the working stitches that are on your needle (I found using a smaller needle worked well for this). Once those stitches are picked up, the pattern will ask you to purl those stitches together with the ones on your working needle. This is what creates the roll above the sole.

All and all the booties were fun to knit and I can't wait to see them on the baby! There wasn't a pattern available for a matching hat so I think I'll have to tap into my creative side and figure something out.

I have a busy week ahead of me. Hopefully I'll find some time to start something new from my stash ....I'm thinking a cowl but I never really know what I'll pull out....Trust me, I have a lot of yarn to choose from.

Next Thursday I have class with my knitting girls and we should be able to finish up our bracelets. I'll post the pictures of their completed works of art as soon as I can.

If you haven't already done so, check out the video section on my website. I uploaded 17 new videos this past week and hopefully you'll find them useful.

My classes at StevenBe's have been going great! Next Wednesday (July 11th) I'll be teaching a 3 hour blocking and seaming class from 4:00 to 7:00. Beginning Saturday (July 14th), I'll once again teach the 3 session Beyond the Basics Shawlette.

I'll be back next week with more knitting adventures!

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