Friday, July 13, 2012

When life gets in the way of your knitting!

It's definitely been one of those days, you know the kind I'm talking about. You've got it all planned, you'll start out early and get the "have to" chores done. Next, you'll prepare a perfect cup of your favorite tea and then spend the rest of the day bonding with your yarn and knitting needles. Maybe it's something new you've been dying to make or you've had a stroke of ambition (or guilt) and decided to finish up those "pending" projects. Sounds perfect, right? That's what I thought but then life got in the way of my knitting......

It started with a walk outside and realizing that my beautiful hosta's ended up being the main course for bunch of deer. Next, you walk down to your flower garden and for a moment feel a sense of joy because the red salvia are still there. This means neither deer nor rabbit have had them for dinner but then you get a little closer and realize that although the blooms are intact, the leaves have been shredded by an unidentified bug! Now I have to go to the garden store and figure out what to do about this. After all, it's only July and I'm not yet ready to surrender my garden.

But here is the real kicker. I spent most of the afternoon siphoning water out of my wash machine with a turkey baster! And trust me, this is not a quick process. You see, my washing machine has broke down again for the second time this year. Surely I couldn't leave the clothes sit in the water until it's repaired and my fear of water leaking on my floor was enough incentive for me to empty the water. Fortunately, my friend and neighbor Lisa has offered me the use of her wash machine. Good thing or I'd be forced to bring out the washboard!

It's 6:00 PM and I've yet to knit a single stitch and alas, life has once again gotten in the way of my knitting.

Now that I vented, I want to share something a little more positive. Yesterday my girls and I went to Beadbury. It's a nice shop in Osseo with beautiful beads and exceptional customer service.  With the help of the sales clerk, the girls made some great selections.

Here are some of their works of art:

Madeline has one on her wrist and one on the needle.

Elena went with lilac with black and clear beads.

The two Katies went with green, yellow, and black.

Erica went with green, while Becca went with blue.

Becca also brought her three new friends.

For now, my knitting adventures will continue at their own pace. I wish you luck with yours.

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